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Why Choose Genergy Solar: Comprehensive Solar Energy Solutions in South Africa

When it comes to solar energy solutions in South Africa, Genergy Solar has established itself as a market leader. With over 15 years of experience since its founding in 2008, this Port Elizabeth-based company is not just a service provider; it’s a trusted partner on your journey toward renewable energy. Under the visionary leadership of co-founders Terry Billson and Astrid Forbes, Genergy offers custom-tailored, turnkey project solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each client. As SAPVIA-accredited installers, the company adheres to the highest standards of service and safety, ensuring that your solar project will be handled with utmost professionalism. What sets Genergy apart is its commitment to using only best-in-class equipment and cutting-edge technologies to maximize system efficiency and longevity. Additionally, they offer comprehensive operations and maintenance plans that guarantee consistent system performance over time.


The System App: A Window into Your Energy Use

A unique feature of Genergy’s service are the innovative apps that comes with all solar power systems. This application serves as a centralised dashboard that provides real-time insights into various aspects of your energy consumption. Whether you want to monitor solar power generation, grid usage, battery capacity, or receive a live power feed, this app has it all. The functionality extends to remote fault finding and correction, ensuring that you are never left in the dark, literally or metaphorically.


Solar Energy: A Sustainable Revolution in South Africa

South Africa is a land blessed with abundant sunshine, making it fertile ground for the adoption of solar energy. Genergy has positioned itself as a pioneer in this renewable energy landscape, committed to transforming this abundant natural resource into a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to traditional energy sources. By designing, installing, and maintaining state-of-the-art solar PV systems and hot water solutions, Genergy is accelerating a shift toward eco-friendly living across various sectors, be it residential homes, commercial spaces, or larger industrial complexes.


Genergy Solar’s Illustrious History: A Journey Toward Sustainable Energy

Founded in 2008, Genergy was an early adopter in what was then a nascent industry in South Africa. Terry Billson and Astrid Forbes saw untapped potential in solar energy as a future-oriented solution for securing sustainable energy supplies while also addressing concerns about climate change. More than a decade later, their vision remains just as relevant, as the company continues to adapt to new technological and regulatory advancements in the fast-evolving solar industry. Their diversified experience spans both solar water heating and solar photovoltaics, attesting to Genergy’s multi-faceted expertise.


Core Team and Offerings: Meeting Diverse Energy Needs

The core team at Genergy operates under the expert guidance of its founders, offering specialized solutions in small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) through solar photovoltaic systems and energy-efficient water heating interventions. Their portfolio has expanded in recent years to include services such as data verification and solar installation training programs, signalling the company’s commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and requirements.


In-House Expertise: An End-to-End Service Model

Genergy’s multi-disciplinary team includes procurement specialists, engineers, and project managers, all of whom work in tandem to deliver an unparalleled solar energy experience. From conducting in-depth feasibility studies to managing procurement processes, installation, and commissioning, the team ensures that each system is fully optimized to meet client-specific needs and expectations. This full-service model sets Genergy apart, offering clients a seamless and worry-free transition to renewable energy.


Operations and Maintenance: Maximizing Your Investment

Genergy understands that the successful operation of a solar system extends beyond its installation. That’s why they offer tailored Operations and Maintenance (O&M) plans designed to ensure your solar system performs optimally over its lifespan. These plans include remote monitoring via an accessible portal and a set number of on-site visits per year. Genergy’s O&M services are adaptable, catering to both large commercial installations and smaller residential systems, each designed to maximize your return on investment.


Verification and Measurement: Tracking and Optimizing Usage

In collaboration with established metering and verification partners, Genergy now provides a comprehensive service to measure and verify both electricity and water consumption. Utilizing advanced AMR technology for real-time data collection and automated billing, Genergy can manage utility accounts for leased and subleased properties, thereby ensuring you are always on the most beneficial tariff while identifying any irregularities in usage data.


Unmatched Credentials: A Seal of Quality and Assurance

Genergy’s installers hold an impressive array of credentials including SunSynk Master Installer, PB Green Card Certified, and Herholdt’s Trusted Installer statuses. These accolades epitomize the industry’s pinnacle in terms of quality assurance, safety standards, and proficiency. When you opt for Genergy, you are not just choosing a service; you’re selecting an unmatched level of expertise and assurance that is second to none in the South African market.


Skill Development and Training: Educating the Next Generation

Genergy takes its industry leadership role seriously, offering training programs aimed at skill development in the renewable energy sector. These training initiatives further establish Genergy as a comprehensive resource for solar energy, from installation to education and beyond.


Premium Brands and Warranties: The Best in Solar Solutions

Genergy Solar, rooted in its authentic South African heritage and grounded with a steadfast commitment to providing superior solar solutions, not only delivers products of unmatched quality but also assures an unparalleled customer experience. The esteemed company, embracing an ethos of meticulous craftsmanship and durability, associates itself with revered brands such as SunSynk, Deye, and Dyness, each contributing distinctive perks and assurances, with warranties of 10 and 5 years respectively.

A cornerstone of Genergy Solar’s sustainability in the competitive market is its exemplary customer service. Nestled firmly in the belief that customer satisfaction is pivotal, the company boasts a formidable team, diligently working to uphold, support, and sustain all solar installations. From the moment of inquiry to the completion of the installation and beyond, Genergy’s squad ensures a seamless, hassle-free experience, promptly addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and providing insightful advice to both prospective and existing clientele. Their expansive team, backed by robust training and an in-depth understanding of the solar industry, not only facilitates timely installations but also ensures that every customer feels valued, heard, and supported throughout their solar journey.

Unlike smaller, less-equipped businesses that might operate from a garage and utilise a couple of bakkies, Genergy Solar cordially invites you to explore their expansive premises. Each visitor gets an insightful glimpse into the operational wizardry that propels them to be a leader in the sector. The company’s premise emanates a palpable energy of innovation, transparency, and professionalism, inviting customers to immerse themselves in a space where solar solutions are not just provided but are lived and breathed by every team member.

Wielding the assurance of SAPVIA-accreditation, their expert team does not merely install solar units but meticulously integrates sustainable solutions into homes and businesses, ensuring every installation complies with rigorous safety and regulatory standards, substantiated with a Certificate of Compliance.

A testament to their conviction in ensuring continual support, Genergy Solar proactively engages in post-installation follow-ups, affirming not only the longevity and efficiency of the solar installations but also the sustaining of a warm relationship with their clientele. Their vast team, which is a cornerstone in providing seamless and continual support, meticulously cares for every installed unit, underscoring their mantra that every customer is a perpetual part of the Genergy Solar family.

In essence, choosing Genergy Solar is not merely selecting a solar solution provider; it is electing for a lifelong ally in the journey towards sustainable, reliable, and efficient energy usage, all while being cocooned in a customer service experience that’s as luminous and enduring as the solar energy they harness.

GM building project

Why Choose Genergy Solar
Why Choose Genergy Solar

In Nelson Mandela Bay, a bastion of sustainable development and green energy was meticulously constructed through the proficient endeavours of Genergy Solar. The GM building project, steeped in innovative engineering and a commitment to eco-friendliness, witnessed the seamless execution of a substantial solar energy system. Spearheading full Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) for the GM Building project, Genergy showcased its unparalleled expertise in green technology and sustainable development.

The solar journey commenced with the inception and completion of Phase 1, a hefty 1254 kWp system, in June 2020. This robust system, designed and implemented with a notable investment of R12 321 506 Ex VAT, illuminated the potential of integrating green energy into urban structures, simultaneously generating a substantial 1820 MWh of energy annually and contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions by an impressive 1874 tons per year.

Undeterred by the scope of Phase 1, the visionary owner, backed by the evident triumph and environmental impact of the initial phase, reached out to Genergy towards the close of 2022, envisioning an expansion of the existing system. Genergy, synonymous with innovative solar solutions, embraced this vision, and thus, Phase 2 was actualised by March 2023. An additional 678 kWp was seamlessly incorporated, demanding an investment of R6 534 037.55 Ex VAT, amplifying the system’s annual energy output to 943.90 MWh and further curbing CO2 emissions by another 943.90 tons annually.

Merging both phases, the GM building project now harnesses a formidable 1932 kWp system, etching its name as the largest roof-mounted system ever crafted by Genergy Solar. With an overall investment peaking at R18 855 543.55 Ex VAT, the system not only stands as an architectural marvel but also as a sustainable powerhouse, annually producing 2763.9 MWh and remarkably reducing the carbon footprint by approximately 2817.9 tons of CO2 every year.

Genergy Solar, through the entirety of the GM building project, has interwoven innovative technology, architectural prowess, and a stern commitment to environmental sustainability, crafting not merely a building but a symbol of progressive, eco-conscious development. In its walls and panels, it holds the promise and potential of a sustainable future, demonstrating that the synergy of business and environmental mindfulness can indeed script a narrative of a brighter, cleaner tomorrow.



In a world increasingly leaning towards sustainable practices, Genergy Solar, firmly rooted in South African soil, has been a frontrunner, pushing boundaries and redefining norms in the renewable energy sector. From meticulously crafted custom-tailored solutions to developing avant-garde technologies that grant clients insight and control over their energy usage, Genergy’s approach goes beyond mere service provision; it’s a partnership in true sustainability. This ethos is exemplified through the comprehensive, tailor-made solutions offered across various sectors within South Africa and notably encapsulated in projects such as the monumental GM building initiative.

This extensive project, developed in two robust phases, not only underscores Genergy’s aptitude for handling solar projects of substantive scale and complexity but also solidifies its position as a trailblazer in implementing solar technology with a cumulative and positive environmental impact. A substantial investment of R18 855 543.55 Ex VAT has brought into existence a remarkable 1932 kWp system, one that not only stands as Genergy’s largest roof-mounted system but also as a beacon of what is achievable when innovation, commitment, and sustainability converge. Annually generating a staggering 2763.9 MWh and mitigating approximately 2817.9 tons of CO2 emissions, the GM building project serves as a mirror, reflecting Genergy’s capability to transform visions of sustainability into tangible, working realities.

The journey with Genergy Solar is not merely transactional but transformational. Beyond the array of services, which spans from offering premier brands and warranties to implementing state-of-the-art technologies, lies a passionate commitment to fostering a sustainable future. This involves enlightening and empowering the next generation through skill development and training, ensuring the sustainability of both the industry and the planet.

Embracing a holistic approach to renewable energy solutions, Genergy, with its 15-year heritage, encapsulates a blend of innovation, assurance, and unparalleled service. Through developing and implementing comprehensive solar solutions, embodying best practices, and promoting sustainable living, Genergy doesn’t just provide a service – it pioneers a movement, enabling businesses and individuals alike to partake in the sustainable revolution that is redefining South Africa’s energy landscape. The exemplar GM building project, combined with a rich history and a broad palette of tailored solar solutions, amplifies Genergy’s invitation to you: to join them in scripting a future where energy is clean, abundant, and harmoniously harnessed from the boundless South African sun.

Still have questions about solar? Dive deeper and find the answers you’re looking for. For more information and a personalised consultation, contact Genergy Solar today. Your journey towards a greener, more sustainable lifestyle is just a click away.

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