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Comparing KVA Solar Systems: Which is Right for You?

Genergy Solar is at the forefront of providing innovative and sustainable solar energy solutions, emphasizing the importance of selecting the optimal system size for individual energy needs. The meticulous engineering behind their KVA solar systems is designed to ensure longevity, promising a lifespan of up to 20 years. Decisions should be made considering both present and future energy requirements to maximize the benefits of switching to solar power.

Whether one is a homeowner seeking an efficient and cost-effective solution to alleviate the inconveniences of load shedding or a business owner striving to maintain operational continuity whenever necessary, opting for the right solar alternative is imperative. Investing in a solar energy system that aligns with individual needs can not only yield significant time and monetary savings but also contribute positively to environmental preservation.

For prospective clients of Genergy Solar, understanding the sizing of the inverter, measured in KVA, is crucial as it determines the amount of power that can be accessed at any given moment. The KVA of a solar system corresponds to the power demand it can meet, catering to various household or business needs. By evaluating different KVA solar systems, individuals can find the most suitable solution that fulfils their specific energy consumption patterns and preferences, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


What Is a “KVA” when talking about Solar Systems?

Before we dive into comparisons, it’s essential to understand what KVA means. KVA stands for kilovolt-amperes, a unit that measures the ‘apparent power’ in an electrical circuit. Apparent power comprises both active power, which performs useful work, and reactive power, which sustains the magnetic and electric fields in the system.

Choosing a KVA solar system isn’t just about the size but about the comprehensive power needs of your household or business. Higher KVA ratings typically indicate a system capable of delivering more electrical power, meaning you can operate more appliances and systems simultaneously.


Advantages of Purchasing the right sized KVA Solar Systems

Energy Efficiency

KVA solar systems can be incredibly efficient in terms of electricity generation, ensuring that you get the most out of the sunlight available to you. 

Cost Savings

The initial investment may be considerable, but the long-term savings on your energy bill can be substantial.


Solar power is renewable and reduces your carbon footprint, making KVA solar systems an eco-friendly energy choice.


Having a KVA solar system allows you to generate your own electricity, offering you a level of independence from the grid and power outages.


Why Genergy Is Your Go-To Company for KVA Solar Systems

Located in South Africa, Genergy Solar stands out as a premier provider of high-quality solar products and services. With its extensive experience and unwavering commitment to sustainability, Genergy Solar presents a wide array of kVA solar systems, meticulously tailored to meet diverse energy needs. When clients choose Genergy Solar, they are not merely selecting a product; they are opting for reliability, efficiency, and a vision of a greener, more sustainable future.

Since a solar system is an investment intended to last 20 years, potential buyers should consider partnering with a company that exhibits steadfastness and longevity. Genergy Solar has not only been a fixture in the solar energy sector for a considerable duration but also projects a continuous presence in the years to come. Customers can rest assured, knowing that they are aligning themselves with a partner that has stood the test of time and will continue to offer support and services well into the future.


Additional Benefits of Going Solar

Environmental Impact

Switching to solar energy is captivating primarily due to its negligible environmental ramifications. Solar panels harness renewable energy, eliminating the emission of detrimental carbon dioxide or other pollutants. This adaptation means individuals are not just economizing on their electricity expenses but are also markedly diminishing their carbon footprint. As rightly expressed by Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Opting for a solar system from Genergy Solar empowers individuals to embody this change by making an ecologically responsible selection.

Envisioning the transition to solar energy can be likened to imagining converting a car to run on water instead of petrol—it’s a transformational experience. Utilizing the abundant and free sunlight to generate power brings a sense of accomplishment and innovation, rendering a sensation comparable to tapping into an inexhaustible and cost-free fuel source for one’s home and daily life. This incredible realization reinforces the value of harnessing solar energy, spotlighting its potential to be a sustainable alternative for power generation, which not only preserves the environment but also propels individuals towards a more resourceful and self-sufficient lifestyle.

Energy Independence

By investing in a solar system, individuals achieve enhanced energy independence, essentially establishing their own mini power stations at home or within their business environments. This establishment implies a reduced reliance on the grid and, in some instances, the ability to supply excess energy back to the network, creating a mutually beneficial scenario for both individuals and their communities. Solar energy is not just a solution; it’s a movement towards energy autonomy, resilience, and sustainability.

In the discussion of solar energy’s benefits, it is crucial to note the considerable cost savings, particularly in the context of South Africa’s energy landscape. Since the inception of load-shedding in 2008, Eskom has inflated the price of electricity by 446%, contributing to overall inflation within the country and augmenting the operational costs for businesses significantly. Analysts predict a continuation of this upward trend in electricity prices. However, solar energy presents a financially stable alternative; after the initial investment in a solar system, there are no subsequent increases in costs, rendering solar energy as a fixed, economical solution.

These additional financial benefits heighten the allure of investing in kVA solar systems even further. Whether the objective is to contribute to environmental preservation, reduce utility bills, or achieve a level of energy independence, the advantages offered by solar panels are multifaceted and significant. The transition to solar energy is facilitated by companies like Genergy Solar, providing quality and tailored solutions, making the adaptation to this renewable energy source seamless and straightforward.


Comparing Different KVA Solar Systems

Now, let’s look at how 5KVA, 8KVA, and 16KVA systems differ in their capabilities.

All of our KVA Solar Systems power the following:

Energy Saving Lights

Fridge and Freezer



Domestic Use Water Pump

Security System (Including Cameras)

Gate Motor

5KVA System

A 5KVA system is often an excellent choice for small households with basic energy needs. Besides powering all of the above, this system can also simultaneously power ONE of the following appliances:


Air Fryer

Top Loader Washing Machine



Swimming Pool Motor

Who should you choose a 5KVA Solar System?

If you’re a small family or a couple living in a smaller space, the 5KVA system may be more than adequate for your daily requirements.

8KVA System

An 8KVA solar system is a mid-range option suitable for larger households or small businesses. Besides powering all of the above, this system can also power THREE of the following appliances:


Washing Machine



Swimming Pool

Air Conditioner  



Vacuum Cleaner

Who should you choose an 8KVA Solar System?

If you have a more extensive household with a higher demand for electricity or a small business, an 8KVA system might be the right fit.

16KVA System

The 16KVA Solar system is often ideal for large households. This system can power all of the above including ALL of the following appliances:


Washing Machine



Swimming Pool

Air Conditioner

Geyser (2KW)



Vacuum Cleaner

Who should you choose a 16KVA Solar System? 

If you have a large family with multiple power-hungry appliances or operate a business with higher electricity demands, a 16KVA system would likely serve you best.


Making the Decision

When comparing these KVA Solar Systems, consider:

Your Power Consumption

Calculate your average daily energy usage to determine the system capacity you’ll need.

Future Needs

If you plan to expand your household or business, you might want to invest in a higher-capacity system.


Higher KVA systems are more expensive initially but offer greater savings and energy independence in the long run.


Ensure you have enough space for the solar panels corresponding to the system size.

Local Conditions

The efficiency of KVA solar systems also depends on local conditions like sunlight exposure, so consider your geographic location when choosing a system.

As Thomas Edison once said, “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power!” And indeed, investing in a KVA Solar System is not just an investment in your home or business but also an investment in a sustainable future.

So, whether it’s a 5KVA, 8KVA, or 16KVA solar system, Genergy Solar has got you covered. Our expertise ensures that you make the right choice for your specific needs. Turn to Genergy Solar for reliable, efficient, and sustainable KVA Solar Systems that stand the test of time.

Still have questions about solar? Dive deeper and find the answers you’re looking for. For more information and a personalised consultation, contact Genergy Solar today. Your journey towards a greener, more sustainable lifestyle is just a click away.

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